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decorations in somerset self storage unit

Top Tips For Christmas Decoration Storage

December 2, 2019     Organisation Packaging Self Storage

Christmas is here and as we prepare for a period full of cheer and celebration, we would like to share some useful advice for your storage solutions. Whether you have already been to your Somerset self storage unit to retrieve your prized Christmas decorations or are planning to do so in the coming weeks, we […]

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guide to self storage somerset

A First-Timer’s Guide to Self Storage in Somerset

August 3, 2019     News Self Storage

Thinking about taking out self storage in Somerset for the first time? We have everything you need to know about doing the process correctly, so that your items are as organised as can be and that you make the most out of the space.  When renting a storage unit, you want peace of mind that […]

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Your Store Bridgwater Gates

Five Reasons for Long Term Storage in Somerset

July 6, 2019     Self Storage

Going travelling? Giving your home a makeover? Have a lodger moving into your property? In this post, we will look at a variety of different scenarios that may prompt you to take out long term storage in Somerset. Life can throw up unforeseeable circumstances and lead you into a change of scenery, meaning you may […]

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Storage Units turned into housing for homeless

Somerset Storage Units Converted Into Refuge for Homeless

April 23, 2019     News

A team of social entrepreneurs are helping homeless people find refuge by converting Somerset storage units into living spaces. As well as providing the homeless with shelter, warmth and companionship, the initiative will provide inhabitants with a space for safe personal storage. A number of old, unwanted storage units in Somerset will provide Bristol’s homeless […]

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Storage Unit Investment

The US Storage Mega Company with $297m Investment

March 14, 2019     News

On-demand storage mega company Clutter have secured a $200m funding round, led by Japanese multinational holding conglomerate SoftBank. The Los Angeles based start-up, set up in 2015, has now received a total of $297m in capital – that’s more than every other on-demand storage startup combined. The investment has resulted in Clutter’s valuation rising to […]

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wine collection

A History of Rare Storage Discoveries

March 10, 2019     News

The mystery of what lurks behind the shutters of a personal storage unit can provide a thrilling yet dubious moment for the anticipator awaiting to discover the contents. Having said that, the euphoria experienced by those who fortuitously stumbled across these rarest of items would have undoubtedly superseded that initial feeling. Who knows! One of […]

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Neat Office Space

Outgrown Your Office Space? Find Practical Business Storage Solutions

February 5, 2019     News

Outgrowing an office space is very common, especially if you have a growing team; as staff numbers increase, so do the number of desks, chairs, paperwork, computer equipment and wires! There can often seem like there isn’t enough room to keep everything under control and that’s when looking into practical Somerset business storage solutions should […]

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Storage for more living space

Gain back living space with affordable Storage Units Bridgwater

January 3, 2019     Self Storage

Have you ever found yourself, at the end of the year, contemplating the amount of ‘stuff’ you have accumulated over the past 12 months? Unnecessary items which you once thought would come in hands, but haven’t even been taken out of their packaging yet? Yes, we thought so! All of your unwanted items can soon […]

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Your Store Bridgwater double gates

Your Store is Expanding, Welcome to Your Store Bridgwater

December 21, 2017     News Self Storage

After many years of successful operation and happy customers at our Exeter branch we’re pleased to announce our new Your Store in Bridgwater. Providing the same great customer service and affordable prices we’re proud to be able to cover even more of the South West. To keep up to date with all our goings on […]

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