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Five Reasons for Long Term Storage in Somerset

July 6, 2019     Self Storage

Going travelling? Giving your home a makeover? Have a lodger moving into your property? In this post, we will look at a variety of different scenarios that may prompt you to take out long term storage in Somerset. Life can throw up unforeseeable circumstances and lead you into a change of scenery, meaning you may need to free up space in your home or work environment.

You can store your belongings in our easily accessible Bridgwater storage units for whatever time period suits you. Our promise never falters or wanes, we guarantee that your possessions will be 100% safe and their condition preserved, in our secure steel storage units.


Moving Out of Town for Work

You may be relocated for work for a certain period of time and need a fully secure place to store your possessions – giving you complete peace of mind to focus on the job at hand wherever you may be.  When work takes people elsewhere, most rent out their property and seek a self storage solution. Doing so not only ensures their belongings are untouched, but provides optimum space for the property renter.


Renting A Room

Self Storage when Renting a Room

When renting a room and getting in a lodger, or putting your property on Airbnb / other similar websites, it is important to nurture a harmonious living environment. You may not get off on the right foot if you have personal possessions strewn all over the place – we’re not judging, we promise! Store unused furniture and other items that may be situated in communal areas or the current spare room with us, and kick off the relationship with your brand new housemate clutter free.


Long Term Storage While Downsizing

Downsizing when moving house can present you with the issue of picking and choosing what to keep at your new property and what to throw away. Take the stress out of making that decision by making use of our self storage units. You don’t have to sacrifice living space when moving to a smaller home – simply prioritise your fundamental and sentimental possessions and store everything else with us at our low-cost storage units.

At Your Store Bridgwater, we understand that our valued customers appreciate the freedom to access their items at different points throughout the day/evening. That’s why we’re open from 7am-9pm on weekdays and 8am-8pm on weekends.  


Somerset Business Storage – Assets

Those who work at their home address will understand that it can be very difficult to separate work and home life, with items from both worlds seemingly merging into one, indistinguishable obstacle! Storing either your personal or business items that don’t carry primary significance is a good way of simplifying your living conditions and helping your mind focus on delivering the maximum level of productivity. Get the most out of your work and living environment with total business storage solutions from Your Store.


Renovating Your Home

Renovating Home

Renovating or even refurbishing your home can be chaotic and messy, meaning you may need a place to store your valuable items during the transformation. Sometimes covering up items or even moving them around rooms, depending on where the work is being carried out, is not enough to prevent damage to furniture and other household items.

No matter how many or how few items you want to protect, we have the storage solution for you, with our range of different sized units.We have a range of units in between, but we’ve outlined the smallest and largest of our units to give you an idea of the most appropriate option for you:

  • The largest of our offerings – the Premier 20×8 foot unit, giving you approximately 160 square feet of space – presents plenty of space to safely store the bulkiest of items.
  • The smallest of our offerings – Budget 8×4 foot unit (Approximately 36 square feet of space).
  • Projects such as a loft conversion or a redecoration can take time and storing the items potentially in harm’s way makes sense, considering the cost of treating or replacing damaged homely furnishings.


Long Term Somerset Storage

The situations listed above are just a handful of our appropriate reasons for long term storage at our self storage units. As a prime provider of storage units in the South West, we go above and beyond to provide short and long term solutions that coincide with your plans. Contact our friendly, supportive team on 01278 448871 to rent a unit today or, alternatively, get in touch with us via email or fill out an enquiry form.

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