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Moving House Storage Units

Moving house? Why not use self-storage to make the process easier! We have a wide range of storage containers available to you within hours of your first enquiry.

Most of the time you will have superfluous clutter when moving house. In situations like these, that’s where we come in!

Self Storage Containers Bridgwater

Propitiously placed in Bridgwater, we offer a range of self-storage containers in varying sizes. Our containers are deftly secure: we have an anti-climbing fence surrounding our space and all container-owners receive a secure key fob meaning you and only you can enter.

Benefits of Using Storage When Moving

When you begin to pack up your belongings, you’ll start mapping out your new home in your head. If the rooms aren’t the same size, this can cause stress as you don’t think your belongings will fit. A self-storage container eradicates this qualm as you’ll always have a place for your possessions:

  • Perhaps there’s a delay on your new home. You need to get a hotel room. That’s stressful enough as it is. Let us look after your belongings whilst the estate agents get themselves together.
  • One-day moves: there’s nothing worse. They mostly result in arguments, bad backs, and regrets. Why not spread your moving-out process with our storage units.
  • Temporarily moving to a small place? We’ll look after your loved stuff until you have your dream home – ready to be filled with your prized possessions.

With one of our storage units, you’ll have total peace of mind. As you’ll have your own personalised fob, you can come and go as you like. When you’re not here, you’ll possessions with lay safe in unsullied security due to our on-site security and anti-climb fencing.

With Your Store Bridgwater, you’ll receive:

  • A dry, tidy, and organised unit
  • A key fob personal to you in order to access your unit
  • Professional advice and assistance
  • Help with transport

And more!

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